John Grieve

Recordings of saxophone playing made between 1988 and 2018.

Other types of sound making can be seen here

Below recording is from 1988.

Below is a decayed and stretched magnetic tape recording of an improvisation for tenor saxophone, bells and car horns operated by foot switches from 1989.

This piece for 12 looped saxophone notes released on Paradigm discs is from 1993

Ghosts Before Breakfast were a trio with John Grieve on tenor saxophone, Graham Mackeachan on double bass and Roger Skerman on drums. Below is some music in the Jazz tradition played by this trio in 1999

this later solo piece is also in the jazz style

Formed in France in 2011 the Toulouse Now Trio had Jorg Graumann on guitar and Erwan Lamer on drums with freer saxophone playing without the jazz references and the use of more vocal sounds.

this solo offering from 2013 is more minimalist

as is this more systematic reworking of the piece for 12 saxophones expanded to 52 saxophones

Tenor saxophone playing ended for a while in 2015 after cutting up the instrument with an angle grinder during a performance which you can see here

This is a more recent duet with Martin Hackett on synthesiser.

A composition for bass saxophone

and this staccato piece for baritone saxophone.

Sound bio here